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Payment Processors Union is an alliance of Global Payment Processors, Individuals, Companies, Financial Institutions and Academia – aimed at forming a coalition for industry experts to meet, share innovative ideas, learn about each others products and services and partner to deploy solutions that can work across the Globe at minimal cost without compromising standard, security and quality service delivery.


In doing so, Payment Processors Union provides a unique, trusted and global multi-stakeholder platform for partners to address major issues such as Emerging Trends in Payment industry, Forming a coalition to Identify and Combat the Global Scourge of Internet Fraud among others. Given to the high rate of fraud and cybercrime, Payment Processors Union is dedicated to formulate local, regional and multinational fraud watching System where industry professionals in public and private sector can form a network to identify fraud patterns, report, use the information (Case Study) to train other stakeholders in the industry about emerging fraud trends in the industry and how to prevent re-occurrence of the fraud to co-members of Payment Processors Union. Even better, Members can work with each other in different states or abroad to Stop, investigate, arrest and even prosecute fraudsters on behalf of a Payment Processors Union Member.


Payment Processors Union works closely with Financial Institutions, Law Enforcement Agencies and also the Government – to identify, track fraud perpetrators where necessary. We partner in training and retraining law enforcement agencies on Internet Fraud, Know your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), among others.